The fuel efficient version of BMW series, the BMW i3 BEV!

The fuel efficient version of BMW series, the BMW i3 BEV!

BMW is the best when it comes to luxury and comfort! But the BMW i3 BEV is the electric version of BMW which makes it highly fuel efficient. A carbon fiber reinforced plastic is used to build this luxury car. The light weight of the car increases the efficiency and the performance of the car.

The aerodynamic exterior of the car and the innovative interior designing makes it the best in looks and comfort! The power moon roof makes it a most romantic car as any couple riding in this car can enjoy the pleasant moonlight!

The best part comes in the production of BMW i3 BEV. The production plant uses 50% less energy and 70% less water which makes it the most eco-friendly production plant. The cutting-edge technology and the innovative design is used to create the interiors of the luxury car. 25% renewable and recycled material is used to build the interior of the car. Isn’t it amazing!

The interior is designed in such a way that the B-pillar and the center console can be removed which creates space in the vehicle. This superb interior design and the flexibility makes it the most comfortable car in the series.

When it comes to the tanning of the leather, it is done by olive leaf extracts which make it an eco-friendly car. The natural tan process protects the interior upholstery from fading due to the wear and tear.

The more natural processes used, the more eco-friendly this luxury car becomes! The open pore eucalyptus used in making the dashboard makes it the most breathable panel! Let us give a big hand to the production team for being so eco-friendly!

The carbon reinforced plastic is used to build the framework which makes it the light weight version of BMW series. The design used to build this vehicle increases the speed and driving comfort. The on board navigation makes it easy to drive.

The list does not end there. The range assistant which indicates the battery charge level, the traffic conditions, the geographical information helps in showing the best route to the user.