Factors to consider before buying a Mercedes Benz

Factors to consider before buying a Mercedes Benz

The 2018 and 2017 Mercedes E class cars like Mercedes E 350, E400, or E class coupe are excellent cars with best in terms of features and specifications. With these high-end features, the company provides an extraordinary level of style, class, and quality to its customers. Hence, if you are looking for a luxury car that gives you value for money and style, you should look into Mercedes E class. Following are a few points that will help you make up your mind.

Latest safety features
The 2017 model of Mercedes E class was launched with driver drowsiness monitor and a pre-safe system; both of which are excellent add-ons to the already existing top class safety features of Mercedes. The model also has an mbrace telematics system, which provides features like driver monitoring and emergency services.

Upgrade options
Mercedes gives its customers an astounding number of upgrade options with its E class cars. So, if you do not like the standard version, you can purchase an upgrade package and change everything from the engine of the car to the leather upholstery.

Top class standard features
Mercedes E class cars come fitted with top class standard features, which make the buyers happy and satisfied. The company provides such a huge array of fittings that most buyers do not have to go for upgrade options. Some of the standard features are the adaptive suspension, dual-zone automatic climate control, and automatic windshield wipers among others.

Mercedes Benz E class can be purchased in two engine options, a two-liter turbocharged inline-four engine, and a three-liter twin-turbo V6 engine. The cars in this class can go from zero to 60 miles in 6.2 seconds and have a maximum speed of 130 miles per hour. These cars also have drive options that adjust flexibility with suspension, steering, transmission, and throttle.

Autonomous driving
The intelligent drive feature of Mercedes lets the car accelerate, brake, and steer on its own at a speed of 124 miles per hour. This technology makes it almost a self-driving car; all you need to do is keep your hands on the steering.

Top end styling
The design of 2018 Mercedes E class cars like the 350 is modern and stylish. The front grille, LED ambient lighting, availability in 64 colors, and metallic accent gives these cars a top quality look and feel. Mercedes E class is synonymous with premium luxury, hence you must strongly consider buying it.

The 2018 Mercedes E 350 gives you the best in class comforts with features such as multi-contour seats, massage options, and ample head and leg space. Both rows of seating are comfortable for adults irrespective of their body structure, be it slim or healthy.