New compact cars – The mini miracles

New compact cars – The mini miracles

Compact indeed. But these cars pack in a whole lot of advantages. Read on to know more about the compact cars of 2017.

Small in size means it is affordable to buy, fun to drive and best of all, easy to park in tight spots. Advantageous in many ways, compact cars now come with not so tiny attention to detail, both inside, in the cabin space and outside, in the exterior surfaces.

The Chevrolet Bolt might be termed the leader of the pack. It is truly the best choice for a practical family car. Worthy of its relatively high price, this hybrid offers a host of hi-tech infotainment and safety features along with an excellent mileage of over 200mpg every time it is charged.

The Kia Forte must be considered while shopping for compact cars because it is good value for money in its class. With options of a refreshed new sedan or hatchback and a bouquet of standard and optional features to choose from, the Forte definitely scores positively.

The slightly updated Mazda Mazda3, with its simple styling, stunning mileage, improved handling and rated one of the safest compacts, will tempt you to be on the roads constantly – beware!

The phenomenal fuel efficient Toyota Prius is one of the less expensive, small hybrid that combines excellent interiors with its truly satisfying performance. Drawing customers to repeatedly buying this brand over and over again, this solid pick, the Prius, from the Toyota stables is a sure bet in the compact car rating charts as a good drive on urban roads.

The Honda Fit, with its upscale roomy interiors, light steering that enables smooth handling and excellent fuel economy, is a fun compact hatchback to zip around.

With a legendary brand name, the small sized BMW M2 is a speedy yet stylish drive that inspires confidence. Exceeding expectations, this classic beauty is fit for the racer in you.

Featuring among the best in the compact car segment, the Ford Focus is fuel efficient and an easy ride around town. As a car suitable for a family, with its improved engine performance and available optional features, this not so cheap model gives a stiff competition to its rivals.

Providing comfort and efficiency in a small sized automobile is truly a feat to be appreciated. Packaging a ton of state-of-the-art technological advancements and ultra modern safety elements, auto companies are manufacturing these functional compact cars, as sedans, hatchbacks or coupes, and are ruling the market as one of the main choices of families that desire a sleek mini drive in their smooth city lanes.