Latest Technologies Employed to Make tires

Latest Technologies Employed to Make tires

The technology involved with tire manufacturing has undergone tremendous transformation in the last 10 to 15 years. Recently, tire manufacturers have been making use of innovative and new concepts in tire construction. These innovations have made the tires safer, better performing and durable. When you see tire products from Michelin tires for sale, you can expect a lot of advanced features. What are the latest advancements in tire technology including the engineering principles and designs?

Brief introduction about tire manufacturing: It has been estimated that more than 1 billion tires are being produced every year in various factories all around the world. Tires are manufactured on a drum and they are cured in a press under pressure and heat. Polymerization reaction is generated by the heat and this process links the rubber monomers effectively to create durable elastic molecules. This mechanism allows the tires to compress while meeting the road safety and reforming to the old shape. Various manufacturers are utilizing their own compounds to offer a blend of performance and durability.

Advances in pneumatic tires: When it comes to the industry standard for all consumer cars, pneumatic tires are one of the most popular options available. Rubber tires were hugely famous for their solidity but with introduction of pneumatic tires, the tire industry boomed after this concept.

Evolving tires: Michelin is a renowned tire manufacturer in the world and they have made some very impressive developments as far as the longevity of tire wear is concerned. The company has introduced Michelin tires for sale that evolves as it is getting worn out and this type of tire safeguards its road-gripping performance over a long a period of time. This new technology utilizes main tread grooves and they become wider during the process of wearing down. This situation leaves a lot of space for the water to escape. The evolving tires come with small grooves and they expand into teardrop shapes. This expansion activity makes up for the shallower grooves and the tires become safer as they wear down. Michelin offers other types of tires as well and reputable online stores offer best Michelin tire prices for their customers.

Self-inflating technology: Self-inflating tires can be described as another form of innovation. Several heavy machinery and military vehicles are suing these types of technology and these types of tires utilize sensors to gauge the tire pressure. When the pressure of the tire falls down drastically, the tire is automatically inflated because of the presence of an air compressor. When the pressure goes up than normal limits, the pressure relief valve gets engaged in the process of deflating the tire.

Airless tires: Some manufacturers have come up with a tire design that does not need any air. This is a completely novel idea. One of the main disadvantages of pneumatic tires is that they always have to deal with punctures and leaks. The new technology called iFlex tires can be described as the latest sensation and these types of tires are being made using fully eco-friendly materials.

More and more innovations are being introduced into the market as far as technology is concerned. Various tire manufacturers have been working with geometric shapes instead of air to deliver bouncy, pliable qualities of a typical tire. This trend is going continue in the coming years as well and you can expect some amazing tires that offer a harmonious blend of control, performance, durability, stability and hardness in the immediate future. Until other alternatives for automobiles are invented, people have to depend on tires to run their vehicles and you can find many more innovations in the tire technology.