Importance of Winter Tires

Importance of Winter Tires

Tires are amongst the numerous parts of a car that undergo extensive wear and tear. One needs to change the car tires as driving around with worn out tires is risky. Cars with worn out tires affect the mileage of the car as well.

It is recommended that when the tires need a change, all the four tires should be changed. This will ensure that there is proper alignment. Of course, changing all four tires at once can be expensive. That’s when you can choose discounted tires which are offered by various auto parts companies. Discounted tires are easily available online and you can choose them based on the model, make and style of your car.

When you buy a new car, the tires that are fitted are all-season tires. But, these tires are just not suitable to drive around in winters on snow and sleet filled roads. So, you should try to buy winter tires and fit them on to your car. If the price is a worrying factor, check for discounted tires online or any retail auto part shop.

Here are the top reasons why winter tires are a must.

Better vehicle control

In winters, when snow fills up the roads, melts and forms a sheet of sleet, driving on wet and slippery roads can be extremely dangerous for the driver as well as for the passengers. There are high chances of accidents. Turning around snow filled intersections can also be very threatening.

Winter tires can help you have better control over your vehicle when making turns without losing the grip. If you live in places that experience harsh winter, well-fitted winter car tires are a must. You can buy discounted tires for winter and ensure safe driving.

Superior traction

Winter tires, by their looks, are more like all-season tires. But, when you examine carefully, you can see that winter tires have a different tread pattern compared to all-season tires. Winter tires are manufactured out of soft rubber that can withstand freezing temperatures. The tread in winter tires is designed in such a way that the snow does not stick to the tires and the tires derive enough traction from the tread, that prevents the vehicle from skidding off on the snow/ice. The V-shaped grooves are positioned such that the tire offers maximum traction, combined with excellent braking and handling capability.

Enhanced road safety

As a responsible driver, you will surely drive slow on snow filled roads. However, winter roads can be treacherous and you never know when you might encounter a snow pit or the end of the road. There is always the fear of driving in such conditions. The issue gets compounded when you’re driving through a day old snow, where the sleet makes driving akin to walking on a knife’s edge.

Safety, being your top priority, winter tires with their sufficient traction will help you drive around efficiently. Just as you would insist on ABS, child lock and three-point seat belts from a safety angle, same holds good for winter tires as well. You can balance out safety and price by buying discount tires.

Mandated by law

Driving on snow without safety equipment like winter tires has resulted in a sizeable number of accidents. These could have been avoided if the cars were fitted with winter tires to enable better vehicle handling with increased traction. In a bid to lower the rate of snow-driving related accidents, many governments have mandated that winter tires must be fitted on your car.

Winter tires are expensive, but one needs to prioritize saftey over anything. To save on tire purchases, you can shop for discounted tires online. Here are some places where you can get winter tires at a discounted rates:

-Tire Rack
-Tires Easy

These sites not only give recommendations on the best tires for your car but they also offer them at affordable, discounted rates. Look out for the deals and offers on car tires. Take advantage of the discount tire deals and be safe while driving around this coming winter.