How to save money on oil change

How to save money on oil change

Oil changes are extremely important for the upkeep of a car and for its good running, but they don’t have to cost you a lot as well. Oil changes do prevent carbon build-up from ruining your engine and ensure that the care runs and functions better for a longer period of time. While oil changes could be expensive too, you can save money on it by following these very useful tips:

Make sure your car really needs an oil change every 3,000 miles: Frequency of oil change varies from car to car. If you are driving an old model, it probably needs an oil change every 3000 miles. But, if you are driving a newer car, you probably don’t. Check your owner’s manual to be sure of the correct frequency. Cars nowadays are built to be more fuel efficient and hence can go many miles between oil changes. You can always type in the year, the make and the model to figure out the number of miles you can go before an oil change. The point is don’t take a certain mileage or distance as sacrosanct you need to figure out what’s best for your car.

DIY oil change: If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you could save a lot by changing the oil yourself. However, you will need to crosscheck this checklist before you get down to it you have the right kind of oil, the right kind of filter, an oil drain pan, an adjustable wrench, funnel gloves and jack stands. Once you have these basic items, you are good to go and can indulge in changing the oil yourself.

Clip oil change coupons: Saver coupons can go a long way to save dollar on oil change. One can look for various brands like jiffy lube coupons for oil change, Pennzoil coupons etc. Being a member of a repair shop and cashing in the reward points also help out too. So, don’t forget to join the mailing list of a repair shop you like.

Take advantage of car dealership offers: Take note of the ads that offer prizes for test drives, etc. There’s no harm in getting behind the wheel of a new vehicle to get some discounts, right? These gifts usually include golden dollars that can be used for several services like oil change, tire rotations, etc. Keep an eye open for offers like these in your mailbox too.