How to choose the best mobile home movers

How to choose the best mobile home movers

Transporting a mobile home can be as easy as loading a house on a truck and taking it down the road wherever you are relocating. It depends on how efficient mobile home movers you have hired. There is obviously more to just moving. You need to consider factors like physical limitations, legal setbacks in transporting the home, and even general human error.

Let us take a look at some of the must do’s before hiring the best home movers present out there in the market:

Permits matter
Every state across the country have different permits. Look for mobile home movers that will handle this process for you. This is because you may be required to get electrical, plumbing, and even gas connection permits. Look for contractors and professionals that can take care of these utilities and take permits on your behalf. Calling multiple mobile home movers will let you know what services are included and what prices are do they offer for a particular dimension for a particular distance. This will give you a clear picture of which is the best home movers are best for you based on what services they offer.

Getting referrals
Get in touch with a local mobile home mover and find out what they use to move mobile homes. Search for local mobile home parks and mobile home dealers and see what they have to recommend and who would they refer when it comes to moving pre-manufactured homes. There have been many cases of theft. When you give a company a complete contract to move homes, make sure it is run by a reputable, honest, and qualified people.

Zoning regulations
Before you take permits, make sure to call the local zoning department of the area where you are moving mobile homes. They will help you know better about the laws and restrictions that will be placed on the home. For instance, some states or counties may allow only those homes that not older than 20 years. Other restrictions might include size limit of homes, exterior construction, foundation details etc.

One the home is moved, make sure that all the utilities are correctly connected. Some mobile home movers will include connecting utilities in their services, while some of them would suggest outsourcing the connections to a reputed electrician or a plumber of that area.

Be aware of the rules
A single or a group of owners have certain written rules when it comes to procedures that need to be followed when a mobile home is moved in a community. These rules might apply to you directly as an investor. Some of the rules are related to factors like; vinyl siding, dimension of the mobile home, shed rules, curb and landscaping etc.