Chevrolet Malibu – Things you should know about

Chevrolet Malibu – Things you should know about

In a scenario when the good old four door family sedan is rapidly being replaced by the ever so cheaper crossover SUVs, the 2017 Chevrolet Malibu has continued to remain stronger than ever before in the humble sedan market.

The reason for its strong hold in the automotive industry and its ever-increasing popularity can be considered a result of its sophisticated looks, powerful performance, and its carefully crafted family friendly features. Its seamless connectivity and technological sophistication also make it the best car in its league. Chevrolet Malibu enjoys the most admiration from the student drivers who are also one of its targeted consumers.

The 2017 model has retained its basic feel and great looks but added an all new nine-speed transmission that is automatic. This is one of its most noticeable features that is precisely the first thing you would notice once you test drive this absolute beauty. The new updates offer cleaner shifts, smoother gear switches, and other no fuss features. The 2017 Chevrolet Malibu comes with a choice of two efficient engines. Both the types of engines are exceedingly appropriate for the car as they offer adequate acceleration and exceptional fuel consumption. The newest model is also the most loved one for its excellent safety, inimitable efficiency, and incredible engineering.

While the auto industry’s concept of a sedan designed for the entire family is about Fancy T-tops and headlamps that pop-up, Chevrolet Malibu goes a step further and introduces features that are with swanky and attractive. ┬áThe car’s roomy and supremely comfy interiors embrace five adults without the need for any squirming. What’s more, the car has a giant trunk that can easily house all the baggage of all the occupants. While the car’s materials are of superior quality, Chevrolet Malibu lacks color variation. If all things black is what you like, this demerit may not stand.

The 2017 Malibu also offers Chevrolet’s newest MyLink system that is power packed with many features that provide a suitable navigation experience. The system also comes with Android auto and Apple car play support that can help you play your favorite media on your desired device. This feature is a total value for its money in its segment. Overall what actually makes Chevrolet Malibu so attractive is the fact that this sedan is superb looking, smooth driving, and feature packed with various superior quality installations that most Crossovers may lack. This mid-sized affordable sedan is a fitting reply and a great alternative to the bulky SUVs that are way too expensive to buy and run.