Features on the Honda CRV

Features on the Honda CRV

The new Honda CR-V is packed with convenience, comfort, handling, and versatility and here is a list of the features that make this CR-V a killer SUV on the market:

Powerful Turbocharged Engine: The Honda CR-V is class leading in fuel efficiency as it is equipped with 1.5 liters V4 direct injected, a turbocharged engine which generates around 190 hp. This SUV has a touch of sportiness with the CVT transmission.

Proximity key and push button start: No more haggling with keys as they can be just in the pocket or your bags and a light press on the door handle unlocks the door. Starting the engine is the touch of your fingertips with the push button start feature.

Hands-free power tailgate: Just waving your foot under the rear bumper causes the tailgate to open without having to put things down before opening the lift gate to access the cargo space.

Heated seats: All trims in the Honda CR-V are furnished with heated seats to get out the frost bite in the air. The rears seats can get the same advantage when added with heated rear outboard seats.

Headlights: The elegance of the CR-V can be attributed to its LED headlights that not only light up the darkest paths but also add a stylish look when on.

Cargo Space: The best feature of this SUV is its cargo space which is not only ample but can be expanded to fit even extra luggage when the rear seats are folded flat right up to the front seats.

Appearance: The aggressive aerodynamic styling on the Honda CR-V is more than just for appearance. The whole shape contributes towards an efficient drive when coupled with the front Automatic Shutter Grille System. The visibility is also more improved with the integration of finer pillars.

Leg room: While most SUVs in the class boast of ample space, the Honda CR-V goes to extra mile to ensure that the rear seat legroom is generous and comfortable as the front seats. The padded seats with higher grade materials present a contented seating for all its passengers.