Distinguished features of the Chevrolet Traverse

Distinguished features of the Chevrolet Traverse

The Chevrolet Traverse is a great option for those looking to buy a three-row crossover because this model has a roomy design as well as pleasing ride quality that will fit a large family. The Traverse has scored high on the certified crash tests, thereby making it a safe choice in comparison to other crossovers in its class. One more notable feature is the Traverse’s ability to tow a good amount of weight apart from being a rugged vehicle. Some of the features that make the Chevrolet Traverse stand out are:

Tow load: The Traverse has the capability to haul more than an average load that is up to 5,200 pounds. The Traverse is an ideal choice for those who tow on a regular basis as it offers to serve as a much roomier alternative to the regular mid-size pickup truck.

Drivetrain: While the normal front wheel drive is sufficient for comfortable terrains and weather conditions, the all-wheel drive alternative is available for people whose drives include not-so favorable weather conditions. The advantage of having AWD system is that it activates itself when driving through low-traction situations, thereby not requiring you to push a button for manual activation every time. The crossover also has the benefit of 7.2 inches ground clearance.

Smooth and Noiseless ride: While the Chevrolet Traverse’s shielded cabins provide noise reduction, the overall suspension tuning also contributes towards a smooth drive when traveling through tricky terrains. This Traverse model is not just suited for the urban drive but also sails efficiently on the highway. The traverse is an excellent vehicle choice for those with wanderlust.

Space: The Chevrolet Traverse is a great choice of SUV that has more than enough legroom for the passengers of the second or third row to be comfortably seated. The seats also have sliders in the case of adjusting the leg room. A group of about eight people can be seated well, and even the head room is apt for tall people or large cargo. Apart from the existing cargo space, the Traverse’s seats can be folded to make room for more.