Buying Guide of Costco Tires

Buying Guide of Costco Tires

When it comes to buying tires for your vehicle, a range of options exist. Costco tires are the option worth considering as it offers a competitive pricing structure for different brands like Michelin, Bridgestone, and BF Goodrich.

These Costco tires can either be winter tires, all season tires or summer tires. These tires can either be purchased individually from the warehouse or you can also purchase a set of 4 tires for your vehicle. Evidently, certain discounts will be available on Costco tires when an entire set is purchased.

Buying tires from Costco have another advantage that these tires could be installed on the vehicle if so desired by the user. However, a certain fee might be applicable when Costco tires representative is called for fixing the tire.

Costco tires usually are priced around $72 for a set of four tires when these are to be installed on the vehicle. Costco tires will also allow the non-members at its portals to purchase tires at a slightly higher price, as compared to those who have taken membership from the dealer.

There are a certain set of tires on Costco which are available for members only. Such tires are available with a gray box indicator and Costco members can log in with their ID and can get some discounts.

Hours of operation at Costco
The hours of operation at Costco tires are usually the same as that with many other warehouse users. However, different locations have different timings and in case you are looking for locations of Costco Tires across the country, you can check it out their website for the same.

Many of the locations of Costco Tires open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am and close at 8:30 pm. The stores are also open on Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. You might have to line up at the store for purchasing the tires and some of the Costco tire stores also have the service of scheduling a specific time when the store can be visited.

Pricing of Costco tires
Several factors influence the pricing of Costco tires and the main ones among these include tire manufacturers, warehouse location and size of tire to be purchased. The prices, however, are different for snow tires or those to be used in winters. However, when snow tires are to be used, only 6 states approve the use of studded tires in winters. 11 states, however, restrict the use of studded tires completely.

Costco tire dealers will be able to tell you more about this and the time span when these tires can be used. The average price of Costco tire is about $20 but in case you can buy these from a sale, a set of tires can be purchased at a discounted price.

Costco tires should be purchased for specific reasons as these come with specific benefits.

  • You can get a lifetime warranty
    When you have a lifetime warranty with Costco tire a technician will always be a call to repair the tire. In case this is not possible, the Costco dealer will provide you with credit which can be encased. In cases, when the tire gets flat and is not in a repairable position these are replaced for free.
  • Lifetime balancing and rotation
    This option is not available with most Costco tire dealers but can be availed at some outlets of Costco tires. Balancing and rotation can be done at around $15 per tire at these outlets and should be ideally done 1-2 times per year. It can, however, save you a substantial amount when the service is availed for a longer duration over the course of years.
  • Nitrogen Inflation
    When the tires are replaced with Costco tires, Nitrogen is used to inflate the tires. Sometimes, the tires which are needed are not available in the stock and calling the dealer in advance will help and they can keep the Nitrogen inflated at the time when you arrive at the dealer’s place.