Best used cars to buy in the country

Best used cars to buy in the country

Going in for a used car is a sound decision, given that the automotive market is quite literally flooded with so many models offering a wide range of features, from very well-known auto manufacturers. Not only do you get the features you are looking for in the car when you are hunting to buy best used car, you also get a really good deal out of it.

Most of the luxury and high-end cars, when new, start off with a base price of US$50000 and above. However, with depreciation, a number of these cars could be you’re for less than US$30,000 when they are just a few years old.

In the subcompact cars category, the used car that seems to be very popular is the Honda fit. The Honda Fit is a neatly designed hatchback which has very comfortable cabin seating and more than adequate storage for a car its size. Its ease of driving makes it very popular too.

Under the compact cars category, the Toyota Corolla remains one of the favorites. Coming from the Toyota stable, which is known for high precision engineering, sleek design, safety and reliability, the Corolla is a very practical choice owing to its size, very good fuel economy and driving comfort.

In the mid-sized cars category, Honda Accord is a front runner to buy best used car. It runs on efficient four-cylinder turbocharged engines offering a high degree of fuel efficiency in city traffic and on the highways. Its classy appearance also contributed to its popularity in the midsized used cars category.

When it comes to luxury, the Lexus continues to rule and comes out with top scores in all road tests about safety, sturdiness, and reliability. The V6 models offer very good engine efficiency and fuel economy.

In the Used Sports Car category, a popular pick is the Mazda MX-5 Miata which combines a sleek and sporty design with a fun ride. In the used small sized SUV category, the Honda CR-V reigns while in the larger used SUV category it is the Toyota Highlander.

Given that the used car buyer is spoilt for choice, it is nevertheless important that you thoroughly verify the functioning of the used car that you buy, so you get yourself the best used car deal for your money. Keep these nuggets of information handy