Additional features on the Chevrolet Traverse

Additional features on the Chevrolet Traverse

The Chevrolet Traverse has been acclaimed as a spacious crossover SUV that has above average towing capacity and is recognized as a steady performer. However, the Chevrolet Traverse has more to offer than just the performance and room. The features included by Chevrolet to update the Traverse to modern technology gives the drivers a sense of the true accessibility of the machine. Some of these additional features include:

Wi-Fi Hot Spot: Chevrolet offers a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot as a standard on all of the Traverse trims so that it is more than just a regular SUV for the commute. The passengers get to access the Wi-Fi on multiple devices at the same time, which also can help keep people entertained during long drives and road trips.

Communication System: Chevrolet offers GM’s OnStar communications system which is considered one of the best on the market due to its top grade performance to ensure direct connection for roadside assistance continuously through the day. With the added Advanced Diagnostics feature, the Traverse’s health status can be viewed in real time, and this system also functions to provide driving direction turn-by-turn.

Base model: While most base models are just a stripped down version of the luxurious trims, Chevrolet breaks a good deal by pricing its base model at affordable market rates apart from providing a baggage of features like a touch-screen display, a rear-view camera, and Bluetooth technology. Most importantly, Chevrolet maintains its standard V6 engine in the base model as well.

Appearance: The aesthetic appearance of the Chevrolet Traverse is well refined, and the stylish rear spoiler is a standard on all trims. Chevrolet’s unique Graphite Edition package included 20-inch dark charcoal wheels and blacked –out Chevy emblems that contribute towards a dashing look. There are also dual exhaust pipe models available.

Safety: Among the competitors in its class, the Chevrolet Traverse offers the best crash protection system through its technologically assisted sensors such as side blind zone alert system, rear cross-traffic alert, forward collision warning, and lane departure alert. The Traverse is equipped with front-center airbags which offer extra protection to the front seat passengers.