A reliable portal for auto parts and accessories

A reliable portal for auto parts and accessories

Whether you are a car owner or an auto mechanic, looking for auto parts of different companies can be a tedious task. Interestingly, buying automobile parts and accessories online has become more economical these days. Lesser people are buying auto parts from a brick and mortar store. One of the popular names in auto parts online is Rock Auto parts.

The company has a vast range of auto parts such as tires, tubes, steering shafts, engine oils, coils, as well as overhaul kits. Availability of this range makes it a popular choice for retailers as well as individual car owners. Let’s look at some of the reasons why Rock Auto parts have become a preferred choice for buyers.


In business since 1999, Rock Auto parts company has gained a name for itself because of the wide range of products and the competitive pricing they offer. What differentiates Rock Auto parts is their online presence. The website always provides all the relevant information about products. This helps customers to decide on whether they need the exact product or not. Clear and precise descriptions have helped many customers to stay with the website over the years because they can rely on the information that is provided to them.

One of the good things about Rock Auto parts is that they have a wide range of brands available on the portal, which makes it easy for all buyers. Starting from Audi and Austin to Hummer, GMC, and Pontiac, they have auto parts for almost all auto brands that have come to the market so far. So even if you want parts you’re your grandpa’s vintage car, and you don’t want to get rid of it, this is the place.

New deals
Rock Auto is popular for the range of new deals that they provide now and then such as a Westin Rebate or an off-road sweepstake. In fact, the website is known to give wholesale pricing to online shoppers, which means you get the best deals on the auto parts. You can also find some coupons at retailmenot.com, coupons.com, and chameleonjohn.com.

Online presence
One of the biggest auto parts websites across the globe, Rock Auto parts is popular because it is so easy to navigate. They have a nice left menu that makes it easy to surf through the brands. You will find a long, encyclopedia-like list of brand names here. They also categorize auto parts based on the make of the automobile, model and part type. This is as easy as it gets. You can find the right product based on the information that is available to you.

Return and warranty policy
Since this is an aggregate and not a manufacturer, they do not provide any warranty of their own. However, they do honor the warranty of the manufacturer. They have an order status and returns page where buyers can present any problematic products that have a warranty. For all manufacturers, the company clearly mentions the warranty process on their website. It’s always a good idea to read it well before making an online purchase.

Order status
Using your phone number or order number, buyers can track their order status. This way you will know when to expect the order. Users can also use this facility to report a problem, get any return instructions if required or request for a chance, if possible.

Clarity available to the buyers is a great way to keep them in the loop. Rock Auto parts have been able to do that because of the clean website and good customer policies. Buying products online has become a great way to save time as well as money. Make the most of it.