A checklist on buying an affordable used car

A checklist on buying an affordable used car

While it would always be the ideal situation to be able to buy oneself a newly minted car, the reality often is that second-hand cars are pre-owned are more pocket-friendly and also help us to save on taxes. While many dealers are scrupulous about quality and reliability of the used car that they are selling, there are equally as many who may cheat you.

Take a look at the checklist that can be useful when you choose to buy your next affordable used car.

The quality of the engine – it would hardly be superfluous to say that the engine is the heart of the car. Maintenance of the engine is paramount to durability and reliability of the car. You can ensure that there is no leak of any kind in the engine.

Oil check – ensure that you or a mechanic does a thorough oil check paying attention to the color consistency and level of oil in the engine.
Ensure that the head gasket on the engine is in good working condition. A blown gasket may cause a whitish or brownish sludge to form which is in itself a good enough reason to reject the car.
Watch the color of the exhaust smoke after turning on the car’s engine for a few minutes.

Do a thorough check of the used car’s exterior body work. Examine for scratches and dents and always verify why any damage has happened. Keep your eyes open for evidence of crash damage.
Wheel check – carefully examine all the four wheels of the used car and also the spare tire. Check the treads thoroughly on all the tires.

It is also important to check the interior upholstery for tears or stains. Remember to test the flooring carpet if any and also the carpet used in the cargo space.

Do a careful check to see if the mileage shown on the car’s meter is in line with mileage advertised by the used car dealership. Be wary of clocked motors that might cause ‘fixed’ odometer readings. Typically, if the odometer shows a sudden decrease in mileage, which regularly should increase year on year, it might be indicative of a clocked meter.

Do take a test drive and ask for the dealer to provide you with a detailed vehicle history summary to ensure that the car has not been mortgaged or recorded as stolen. So, when you are searching for affordable used cars keep these tips handy.