Top 5 moving truck rentals in the country

Top 5 moving truck rentals in the country

When looking for the best company for truck rentals, you need to consider getting a high degree of vehicle reliability and affordability. However, there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration. While most truck rental companies may have lucratively affordable prices, you need be sure you get great quality for that price. Research and analysis on the top companies for truck rentals will help you in making the right choice. Some of the factors you should be looking at are available truck sizes, different truck selections, rental locations, quality of service offering, and equipment. Herein, we enlist are the best companies for truck rentals in the country.

U-Haul has above 20,000 locations in the US and Canada. Their offering in terms of truck sizes ranges from 10 to 26 feet. They have the options of car, utility, or cargo trailers. They also come with U-Box containers.

Some additional attributes of U-Haul are

  • They have the largest coverage in terms of area and provide truck rentals in the form of truck trailers and pickup vans
  • Even their smallest trucks come with a towing service
  • U-Haul has the facility of self-storage for a month along with its one-way equipment rental
  • They provide portable storage boxes to both consumers and movers
  • You can also buy packing or storage materials like bubble wraps, boxes, plastic wraps, furniture pads, and tapes.
  • You can get truck rentals for short or long distances
  • U-Haul offers a package stating that they are responsible for any inconvenience caused on their end
  • U-Haul offers the payment options of credit cards, debit cards, and cash

Having above 1,700 locations in the US and Canada, Budget offers truck rentals sized between 12 to 24 feet. Apart from general storage option, they offer car carriers, trailers, and car dollies.

Some additional attributes of Budget truck rentals are

  • Larger options for truck rentals by Budget provide three additional seats for accommodating consumers during transport
  • All of Budget’s truck rentals come with great towing capacity and loading ramps
  • You need to provide credit card details to rent a truck
  • It is a great option for long-distance moving as it has various lucrative one-way moving offers

Along with more than 1,000 locations in the US and Canada, Penske have more than 2,000 home depots and pick-up and drop-off centers. Their truck rentals have the options of tow dollies and car carriers. Moreover, they range from 12 feet to 26 feet in size.

Some additional attributes of Penske’s truck rentals are

  • It is among the most highly maintained and newest truck rental in the country
  • They offer loading ramps for better storage of goods
  • Penske allows customers to choose between various self-storage options
  • Penske offers packing supplies like mattress bags, boxes, furniture pads, box cutters, hand trucks, bubble wraps, and tapes
  • The option of long-distance truck rental is also available
  • Provides significant discounts to students, military personnel, and veterans
  • Penske provides a guaranteed reservation if the reservation has been done at least 48 hours in advance

Enterprise’s truck rentals operate out of 270 locations spread across 44 states. They have various sizes of trucks available, depending on the type and intended use. The straight trucks are available at 24 and 26 feet. While the cabover trucks have a single option in size of 16 feet, stake bed trucks are available at 16 and 24 feet. They also offer cargo vans and parcel vans. You can also get pickup truck rentals with the carrying capacity of half, three-fourths, and one ton.

Some additional attributes of Enterprise are

  • They offer a wide variety of options in truck rentals for local moves
  • The three largest types of truck rental options are equipped with lift gates
  • They do not charge a mileage rate on smaller truck rental options
  • Mileage rate for large truck rentals is extremely affordable

They operate out of more than 500 pick-up stations in the country. Ryder offers rentals for vans, trailers, and trucks that range from 20 to 26 feet in size. However, trailer and tractor rental options are reserved for business clients only.

Some additional attributes of Ryder are

  • All options of truck rentals and cargo vans are equipped with lift gates
  • It is a suitable option for short-distance moves
  • Regardless of the destination, the truck rentals must be returned to the same location you have rented them from
  • Refrigerated vans are provided for transporting materials that are sensitive to temperature changes