What to consider while choosing washer and dryer sets

What to consider while choosing washer and dryer sets

Most people typically do not dream of owning a washer and dryer set, and this is mainly because they do not like the task of laundry. The worn-down clothes get piled up through the week, get cleaned, dried and folded and then there comes the time to redo it once again even before you understand. The task of reliable washer and dryer sets is to take away the dreariness out of this mundane task. But like all other big purchases, investing in the best quality washer and dryer is an overwhelming and daunting experience. An endless number of questions come to your mind – should you opt for a stacked set, front load or top load and which detergent will be compatible with the set you choose. If you are looking for best in the class washer and dryer sets, cheap ones preferably, here is a guide that will help you decide on your purchase.

Design: Choose as per your suitability and preferences. The type of washer and dryer you choose will largely depend on the space where you will place it. For instance, the laundry may be allocated in an area where space is tight allowing you to choose only the stackable option. These machines are much smaller, which may not be able to accommodate large comforters. Dryers are available in both electric and gas models, so you can choose the one that suits your requirements.

Selecting between top loaders and front loaders: If you have a basement setup or a separate place for laundry room where you can place the washer and dryer separately, you will have to decide whether you wish to go for front-load or top-load machines. These type of washer and dryer bundles are generally large, can take up about 1.5 cubic feet and can take care of 20 pounds of clothes in a single load. But there are advantages and downsides to both the options. Even though the top-loaders are less expensive, the front loaders are more efficient in gentle washing and are considered to clean better. Also, it is not mandatory for you to choose the washer and dryer sets from the same manufacturer. Mixing them up from different manufacturing houses is absolutely fine.

Consider between bending down and open door options: The manufacturers of the washer and dryer sets offer pedestals to place the two appliances so that the height is increased and you will not have to bend down while using the machine. These types of sets generally have drawers for storing essential items such as instant starch, fabric softeners, and detergents. You must also consider whether you want to go for front-loading and stackable. Typically, all the washers open from left to right, but there are options in which you can change the direction in which the door opens.

It goes without saying that the washer and dryer sets are large appliances and they call for huge investments. You should consider these aspects to get the most out of your purchase.