The best options to look for in washer and dryer bundles

The best options to look for in washer and dryer bundles

The perfect match of washers and dryers are the ideal thing to invest in any modern household. The coordinating design and style make them a great couple. Besides looking stunning, ensure that the washer and dryer sets are cheap, and should be highly functional. Also, they must be tough on stains while being tender on the clothes. The premium-class washer and dryer bundles are on the pricier side, and this can be attributed to the rising manufacturing costs, stainless drums, large capacities and added load of features. Some of the best options in the washer and dryer sets, cheap and durable, are here:

Kenmore Elite 41682 Front-Loader with the Kenmore Elite 81582 Electric Dryer: This front-loader washer takes about 75 minutes when you run it on the normal wash and heavy-soil setting. You can save more time by opting for normal-soil setting and the Accela Wash option. It takes about quarter of an hour to complete trimming in an 8-pound load without affecting the cleaning in any way. It is armed with outstanding energy, water efficiency and uninterrupted vibration. The dryer gives an excellent performance and claims a capacity of 7.4 cubic feet. It is available in metallic and white color, and the standard width is 27 inches.

Kenmore 41392 Front Loader with the Kenmore 81392 Electric Dryer: When you have the option of stacking the washer and dryer, it definitely saves space; but sometimes the dryer reaches such a height, which is inaccessible. This range of washer and dryer sets solves this issue with the Kenmore Flip Control. The control panel can be removed from the top to be placed on the bottom so that you can reach the controls without any hassles. The front-loading washer is effective in cleaning, removing stains and is gentle on clothes with an unmatched energy and water efficiency. The wash time is around one and a half hours for a normal wash on the Heavy-Soil setting; however there are other options which can save your time.

LG Signature WM9500HKA Front-Loader with LG Signature DLEX9500K electric dryer: This new range of washer and dryer bundles from the house of LG offer a high-end laundry experience. This pair of stylish washer dryers has a gorgeous black finish, top class features, Wi-Fi enabled and can be operated with a remote. Besides, the washer and dryer sets have proven excellent effectiveness in all aspects starting from cleaning to drying and energy and water efficiency. There are 14 cycles and it claims a capacity of 9 cubic feet for the dryer and 5.8 cubic feet for the washer, which is the largest as per the conventional standards. This set is not stackable as the detergent dispenser is located on the top of the washer. The wash time is 120 minutes, which can be reduced under the normal-soil setting.

With these washer and dryer bundles, you will be able to save space and your money in energy bills without compromising on quality.