The Best Brands to Buy Air Conditioners From

The Best Brands to Buy Air Conditioners From

Air conditioners were considered a luxury a long time ago. Today, you can see them in a majority of the houses and offices. It has become fairly common to own air conditioners and as a result, there are numerous brands that sell them all over the world.

Air conditioners come in all sizes and models depending upon the requirements. In many places, it is hard to even survive and perform day-to-day activities without an AC.

In 1902, the first electric air conditioners were invented by Willis Carrier from Buffalo. Soon, the Carrier Air Conditioning Company was formed.

The refrigerator came into existence at around the same time and similar technology was used in both. Now, split AC’s are taking over windowed ACs because they are far more efficient and cost-effective. In large corporations, centralized AC’s are used. This is the easiest and best way to ensure that there is cooling in all parts of the building.

How do air conditioners work?

Air conditioners take the warm air from inside a room and expel it outside. They do this in a repetitive cycle called a refrigerant loop. They absorb the heat from inside the house and cast it out in the open. The air then cools down and re-enters the house. This cycle keeps repeating as long as the AC is working.

Top brands to buy an AC from

Before you start looking for air conditioners, you should know a little about their features. You must look into the total power consumption, cooling wattage, star rating, and energy efficiency ratio. Once you know about these terms, you are fairly equipped to shop for air conditioners.

Here are some brands you can shop from.


This company was founded by the first air conditioner inventors. Even after so many decades, they remain at the top in the industry. They focus on ensuring that there are no harmful bacteria in the environment and they also eliminate foul odor from the environment.


This is a Chinese company that has a wide range of electronics. However, their focus lies on making air conditioners of high quality that are affordable and reliable with less power consumption.


This brand is gaining popularity for their premium products that are available at affordable prices. You can find them in any electronic store near you.


This is an American company that is popular for several electronics around the house. They come up with fresh innovative features that keep them at the top of the market.


This brand is known for their reliable air conditioners. They last for years to come despite heavy usage. York heating and air conditioning has a loyal customer base in the market who swear by the brand and make it a point to buy their products.


This South Korean brand is one of the most trusted companies in the world today. Initially, they had air conditioners with high cost and reasonable efficiency. Later, they captured the market with highly efficient low-cost air conditioners.


This South Korean company is obvious on the list of top air conditioner companies. They have the most reliable and efficient systems in place. They are also responsible for several of the latest technologies we are using today.


This is a company that has had a great reputation from the first day. Their products are of the highest quality which is why they are at the top. The brand also sells their products at more affordable prices under the name of Goodman.


This is another American brand that you must look out for. They are more popular for the air conditioning units made for commercial spaces.

You can find the best air conditioners from any of these brands. A crucial step is maintaining the air conditioners. You need to ensure that they are regularly serviced. This will increase the efficiency and the life expectancy of the product.