Features of top washers and dryers

Features of top washers and dryers

Washers and dryers are must-have appliances in every household. But with so many brands and models available these days, simply making the choice to buy one can be quite overwhelming. You can read through lists of top 10 washers and dryers or check consumer reviews on comparison websites to make your decision. Both of these are good things to do before you make a major household purchase. But since needs and incomes of every family are different, it makes sense to also look for features and quality parameters to make your selection.

Here is an easy checklist of features for washers and dryers.

Washing capacity
Every year, major household appliance companies, add new washing and drying features in their machines. But not all families need to shell out for features that they might not need.

A family with young kids may need a washing machine that removes stains effectively while also keeping the fabric safe. Same applies for professionals who have to spend lot of their time outdoors in dirt or factory floors. LG pair special, which is a top-load washer and dryer set, is a good option for those who need a quality machine with extra power. For tough stain removal, many brands now offer washers with steam-washing features.
If you need to do laundry quite frequently, you might need a machine with a quick wash feature.

Drying ability
A machine’s drying ability is equally important as the washing capacity. While all dryers dry clothes, a poor quality machine can excessively suck the moisture from fabrics and reduce its lifecycle or cause damage to clothes.

Now dryers come with moisture sensors that stop the machine from over drying the clothes. LG offers a large washers and dryers range that not only provides powerful washing and drying features, but also moisture sensors and a super-efficient design.

Some dryers keep the fabric from wrinkling, which can be an important criterion. appliance selection, especially for busy parents.

You can also purchase a dryer with different settings for each fabric type.

Capacity of a washer and dryer is a very important feature to consider when you are looking to buy a new machine.

If your family is large, you might need a machine with extra load capacity. Maximus range from Electrolux is a good option here. Maytag MGDB855DW0 is a dryer with extra-large drying capacity.

You also need to consider the capacity for restriction or availability of space in your home. Standard machines are usually about 25-27 inches in width. But if you want a washer or dryer with large capacity, it can be 3-4 inches more widthwise.

Washers and dryers from brands such as LG, Electrolux and Maytag almost always feature in lists of top 10 washers and dryers and also garner good consumer reviews. You can look for the above features with your preferred brand and see if they fit the bill in terms of your family needs and budget.