Evolution of Food Storage from Ice Men to Freezers

Evolution of Food Storage from Ice Men to Freezers

Ice cream is an all-time favorite dessert for all. After a tasty lip-smacking dinner or lunch, everyone’s favorite is a sweet, creamy ice-cream to make the meal complete. Today, visiting an ice-cream parlor for this delicious dessert is very common, but have you ever thought about ice-cream when there was no freezer?

The no-freezer era

Yes, before the invention of a freezer in the 19th and 20th century, people used a traditional method for refrigeration. An iceman collected snow in winters, salted and wrapped it in a flannel and preserved it underground for months. He then delivered this ice across the whole country as per requirements for a price.

The household refrigeration method was quite different. People used a wooden box that was lined with an insulating material like zinc and filled with snow and ice. This was known as an “ice-box.” This method of refrigeration was not very efficient and hardly lasted for a week.

Invention of the freezer

Development of the freezer was started by a Scottish doctor in the 18th century. Later, many scientists and engineers contributed to the invention and advancement of the refrigerator. The procedure started in the 1740s when William Cullen came up with a new demonstration by evaporating ethyl Ether in vacuum.

Later in the 1800s, Oliver Evans, an American scientist designed the first refrigerator, but the design was of no use then. In the 1820s, Michel Faraday started using liquefied ammonia for cooling processes. Later in 1835, Jacob Perkins built the first refrigerator, and is hence known as the “father of the refrigerator.”

In the year 1842, John Gorrie used Oliver’s design to invent the advanced refrigerator that created ice. Many scientists contributed toward the advancement of the refrigerator. Some of these were Ferdinand Carre, Carl von Linde, Albert T. Marshall, and Albert Einstein.

Finally, in the year 1913, Fred W. Wolf came up with the first ever commercial upright freezers. By the end of the 19th century, this refrigerator became famous and became common in breweries. Nearly every brewery owned a commercial upright freezer for the storage and cooling of beers.

How do commercial upright freezers work?

The refrigerants present in the refrigerator pass through the tubes. Here, this refrigerant gets vaporized and during evaporation and carry away the heat. This heat is released outside the refrigerator passing through the coils. The gases move back to the compressor where it is again converted into a liquid. This continuous process allows the constant cooling.

Modern commercial upright freezer

Earlier, the cooling elements used in the refrigerator were not safe. It was in 1926 when an American engineer came up with a gas called chlorofluorocarbons. However, by the 1970s, the researchers proved that the chlorofluorocarbons were not environmentally friendly. Hence, present-generation commercial upright freezers contain hydrofluorocarbons. Although being safer than CFCs, HFCs also lack environmental friendliness.

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