Top upright freezer reviews

Top upright freezer reviews

Refrigerators are an important investment for any business owner who deals with any kind of foods and beverages that requires refrigeration to maintain its shelf life. While there are many items that need to be stored at a low temperature, there are many other items like frozen food that needs to be stored in a freezer only. Most refrigerators do not have a large freezer capacity, thereby reducing the amount of things you can store in it. This is where commercial freezers come into the picture.

There are several kinds of commercial freezers available in the market that can be used to maintain various products by optimizing their lifespan. These freezers are not just suitable for commercial purposes but can also be used in households with large families to store their frozen food. Upright freezers, also known as cabinet freezers, come in different capacities and prices. The best way to determine the capacity of the freezer for non -commercial use is by estimating it by considering a freezer space of 2.5 cubic feet per person.

Here is a guide to the best brands of commercial upright freezers and reviews of the top ones.


Kenmore freezers are famous for being the cost-efficient range of upright freezers. They offer upright freezers with a capacity of up to 20 cubic feet (big enough for a large household or a small business). These work well as commercial upright freezers, and Kenmore freezers are frost free while also being equipped with the auto defrost feature. The adjustable shelving feature allows you to arrange the wire racks according to your convenience and the size of the food you are storing in it. Kenmore has a mixed range of small upright freezers as well as bigger ones with many of them having a star rating as well. Some of these freezers also have energy saving ratings, and the operating cost is as less as USD 2.90 per cubic feet approximately for freezers from Kenmore.


Whirlpool’s range of upright freezers is suitable for use at home and can even be used as commercial upright freezers for small-scale businesses. These are the best in class when it comes to energy efficiency. Upright freezers from Whirlpool are compliant to energy star ratings. One of the amazing features of freezers from this brand is the well-lit interiors. The freezers have LED lights inside the freezers which are pleasantly bright and offer convenience. The freezers come with a one year warranty and additional warranty can be purchased by the owner if required. The only drawback of Whirlpool’s upright freezer is that these do not offer the reversible door option which lets you fix the door to the freezer on the side convenient to you.


Frigidaire ranks the best in class when it comes to the features offered in its upright freezers. Their range of small upright freezers is super convenient as they offer adjustable shelving and dividers so that you can store the bulkier items easily. Some of the Frigidaire models come with a soft freeze section that allows owners to store items that need a slightly higher temperature. This section is ideal for storing ice cream to keep it in a state that is soft enough to scoop and serve. The Arctic lock walls in some of the freezers help keep the food safe for up to 48 hours in case there is a power failure.

Keep your storage needs in mind when choosing an upright freezer. Getting a big one when you have fewer storage needs will only take up extra space and make you spend more money unnecessarily.