Top 5 appliance stores in US

Top 5 appliance stores in US

Buying new appliances isn’t easy since there are a lot of things we have to do. After all, these are expensive things that are expected to make daily life easier for a long time. Since we are spending a lot of money on these home appliances, we need to ensure that these products are durable. When buying new appliances most people first tend to choose their budget, then hunt for these products online, note down all the features, brands, and then compare all these models and the brands.

After comparing everything, most people decide to settle for the appliance that best suits their needs and buy them either online or from stores. However, it is always better to buy them from stores, since here you will get to see how they work and whether these are best suited for you.

Here is a list of appliance stores that sell the all the appliances and where you might find the perfect appliances for your home.

P.C. Richard & Son
P.C. Richard & Son was founded in the year 1909; it is a family-owned business. The main motto of P.C. Richard & Son is honesty, integrity, and reliability. You will find anything and everything here. It has all the brands from LG to Sony and from Samsung to LeEco. They have products in all the price ranges, which makes it easy for you to select from. P.C. Richard & Sons also have a service center for electronics and a call center for customer care.

Appliance Direct
Appliance Direct is the largest Whirlpool only appliance dealer in the world. They sell all the Whirlpool brands like KitchenAid, Maytag, Whirlpool Gold, Amana, and Whirlpool. It has all the products from Whirlpool and its other companies. From refrigerators to laundry, Appliance Direct has all you need. You can find Appliance Direct stores near you and shop all the appliances you have been looking for.

Goedeker’s was founded in the year 1951. They have the largest selection of furniture and appliances. It is also one of the largest independent dealers in the United States. Their main aim is to provide long lasting and quality products at affordable prices. Goedeker’s has a lot of exciting deals, offers, and discounts for its customers. You may check their website to find this appliance stores’ address.

Plessers Appliances
Plessers Appliances was founded in the year 1919. It is a family-owned business and one of the oldest electronics and appliance retailers. The motto of this retailer is “It’s always lesser at Plessers”. They have great customer service and nationwide shipping for most of their products. They have almost all the high-end and advance technological products from all the major manufacturers. If you are looking for good stores to buy an appliance from, then you should check out the nearest Plessers Appliances’ store near you.

Home Depot
The Home Depot Inc. is an American home supplies company. Founded in the year 1976 it sells home appliances, furniture, and other services. The company offers installations services for every item they sell. It is a major retailer and is famous for furniture and home appliances. The advantage of shopping at Home Depot is that it is cost-effective. The best thing about Home Depot is that they have a very competitive price range. They have friendly and knowledgeable salespersons who are always ready to assist.

These are some of the most famous and reliable appliance stores in the United States. They all provide customer service and they have affordable to high price range products. You will find all the popular brands at these stores. You can compare products, get a hands-on experience, and ask queries, which make it easy to select your product at these stores.