Stylish washer and dryer set in stainless steel style

Stylish washer and dryer set in stainless steel style

Washers, dryers, and other appliances have come a long way from being just machines and appliances that make household chores easier to becoming elements that match the overall style of one’s home. These are now available in colors and designs to suit every style.

One such style when it comes to washers, dryers, and a few other appliances is the stainless steel finished look. These are stunning to look at and add an edgy look to whichever part of your home you place these in.

If you are in the market for a new LG washer and dryer, you might be left in awe of how many stylish options there are in the stainless steel finish. Here are some details about such stylish stainless finished Samsung and LG washer and dryer sets.

LG 4.5 cu.ft. Front Load Washer & 7.4 cu.ft. Gas Steam Dryer

This bundle includes the LG 4.5cu. ft. WM3770HVA front load washer and the LG DLGX3571 dryer both of which offer great performance. This LG washer and dryer set is available in the Graphite Steel finish and is a stylish bundle. The washer’s 4.5 cubic feet wash drum lets you complete your laundry in no time as it can wash large loads at a time.

The model has the LG TurboWash feature that lets you wash your clothes clean in lesser time. You can save up to half an hour using this feature when doing your laundry as the feature lets you speed up the washing process without affecting the quality of cleaning. The washers also come with the ColdWash feature that offers the results of clothes washed in cold water that is as clean as those washed with warm water, saving a lot of power. The 6 Motion cleaning technology offers you ultra clean clothes that are wrinkle free, thanks to the magic steam mechanism in the washer.

The gas dryer included in this LG washer and dryer set matches up to the brilliant performance of the washer and tackles large loads of laundry equally well. The dryer is also available in an electric variant that can be purchased instead of the gas one in this LG washer and dryer bundle.

Samsung 4.2cu. ft. Front-Load Washer & 7.5cu. ft. Front-Load Dryer 

This stainless steel style washer and dryer bundle from Samsung is as stylish as the LG washer and dryer set mentioned above. This bundle comes with a black stainless steel look and includes the Samsung WF42H5200AP 4.2cu. ft. Front-Load washer and the Samsung DV42H5200EP 7.5cu. ft. Electric dryer.

There is also an option of choosing the gas dryer, but that costs more than the combo with the electric dryer. The washer and dryer set has great exteriors and an equally good performance. The washer can take care of cleaning large loads of clothes in a single run and that too with a noise-free operation.

The washer and dryer both have easy to use controls that are set in a stunning control panel. This bundle has been designed keeping in mind the busy schedules of households and offers the Smart Care feature that lets you operate the washer and dryer with your smartphone. And you can be assured of fresh clothes anytime you want with the SteamFresh feature.

Cross check the area in your laundry room and the dimensions of the Samsung and LG washer and dryer set before you buy either of them to ensure that the bundle fits well in your home.