3 over-the-range microwaves meant for the modern kitchen

3 over-the-range microwaves meant for the modern kitchen

Over-the-range microwaves have made their way into modern kitchens around the world thanks to reasons like easy installation and practical features. The size of these microwaves can range from compact to large so that the kitchens of a bachelor as well a family can conveniently use such an appliance. Whatever be the features you are looking for, here are the best over-the-range microwaves of 2021 that are all-rounders in their performance.

Whirlpool Smart Microwave WMH78019HB
This microwave is not just an appliance to reheat food in, it comes with smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity and scan-to-cook options. For the singles who are struggling with their culinary experiments and families who are finding it difficult to cook in their busy schedules, these features come in handy. Just scan the barcode on the food item’s label and you will not have to break your head trying to find the power level and time settings yourself. It even has a voice-controlled menu for quicker navigation. 

LG Microwave LMV2031BD
This is a large 2.0 cu. ft microwave suitable for large families. When it comes to maintenance, this is one of the best over-the-range microwaves of 2021 thanks to the EasyClean feature. No more fussing over cleaning the coils and the microwave chamber as this feature takes care of the hygienic cleaning of the device for safer cooking. The smart temperature adjustment ensures even cooking. It is power-efficient, quiet in operation, and also comes with good ventilation making it safe for tight spaces. The TouchPad is sleek and responsive making it easy to access all the controls in seconds. 

GE Microwave PVM9005BLTS
This is a 2.1 cu. ft microwave that comes with external ventilation and convenient four-speed settings. This is another microwave in this segment that comes with easy cleaning options. And there is also a charcoal filter that eliminates odors allowing you to reheat all kinds of meat without leaving an unpleasant odor in the microwave. Sensor cooking features allow convenient auto-adjustment of power levels to preserve the texture of the food items being prepared. 

With these best over-the-range microwaves of 2021, you can be sure that you making a dependable investment for your kitchen. Every family might have a different set of requirements while choosing their microwaves. So, this segment now has expanded to suit all the reheating, defrosting, and other needs of families small and big.